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La Maschera Prosecco 2020
La Maschera Prosecco 2020

La Maschera Prosecco 2020

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The Carnival of Venice began in the twelfth century – a celebration of victory against the Patriarch of Aquileia. Each year San Marco Square would fill with people dancing and feasting behind elaborate and exotic masks, adding to the mystique of the Carnival. And so La Maschera (the mask) was born. Italy has a long history with Prosecco, which has inspired the making of La Maschera Prosecco.


Passionfruit, golden delicious apple and melon
Pineapple skin with hints of mint


Green tropical fruit, peppercorn and apple
Moreish acidity with a slight savoury and creamy finish


Antipasto- olives, roasted almonds and manchego
Dishes featuring tomato and basil or dukkah

Vegan Wine

11.5% | South East Australia